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Get ready for Bike To Work Month

May is Bike to Work Month! This national promotion supports cycling as a viable, environmentally friendly, cost saving commute choice. Corporations are asked to participate and prizes are given in many urban areas. The official Bike to Work Day is May 17, 2013. In many cities, there are kiosks throughout the city cheering on and supporting local bike commuters. It's time get your bikes out and enjoy the beautiful weather outside. Ride your bikes to work today. Not only it is a fun way to improve your health, you will also feel good to be part of the effort to improve the environment.

Although there are many benefits of bike to work, it could also be a challenge due to weather, traffic and other unpredictable conditions. Riding bicycle to work is a lot different then going out for a recreational ride. You need to fully prepared to make sure you are safe commuting between home and work. Following are some essential cycling gear for bike commuters:

1. Helmets
It is very important to wear a good bicycle helmet whiling riding through all the traffics. In case of a collision or fall, a good helmet will provide you maximum protection on your head. Don't worry about your hair style, it is better safe than sorry.

2. Lights
For your safety of bike commuting, you want to be seen among motorists especially when riding after dark. You should have a white front light with a steady or flashing beam and a a red tail light on the back. These bicycle lights will give your bike visibility from the front and the rear to approaching motorists.

3.Reflective Clothing and Reflectors
Get yourself the brightest colored reflective clothing you can find so other motorists can easily spot you on the road.

4. Bells and Horns
Bells and Horns are an effective way to warn other people while riding on busy roads. The sound of the bells and horns will warn street walkers and let other cyclists know your are passing by.

5. Water Bottles
You don't want to be thirsty whiling riding a bike. Mount a water bottle cages onto your bike and always fill up the water bottle with full water.

6. Pumps
If you ride a lot, you will know it is very common to get a flat tire while riding. You want to pack a small pumps with you to pump the air into the tube and get yourself back on the road.

7.Rack or Baskets
Bicycle racks and baskets provide you more room for your commuting accessories such as extra clothing and lunch bag. Or if you need to stop by grocery store after work, they can hold a small amount of grocery and other items.

8.Rain Gear
You will never know when you're going to get rained on, especially during a rain season. A good rain gear will protect you from getting wet and cold. Find yourself a lightweight and easy to carry along rain gear such as a rain cape.

You may also consider to prepare a spare tube and some basic tools with you incase you are running into a flat tire or some minor problems.

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